Chromecast on TV or Smart TV
There are several Android applications available to cast IPTV on Chromecast. But, we recommend you to use BubbleUPnP. It is a popular application that lets you stream all your audios, videos and pictures to various devices including Chromecast.
Step 1: Download and install BubbleUPnP from Google Play Store.

Cast IPTV on Chromecast 2

Install Bubble UPnp
Step 2: Launch the app and click the Cast icon.
(NOTE: Make sure that Android device and Chromecast are connected to the same WiFi network)

Click the Cast Icon
Step 3: The device will scan for the local devices that are connected to the same network.
Step 4: From the search results, select the Chromecast device where you need to cast the media.
Step 5: Once the connection was made, you need to upload your playlist file. For that, click the Playlist menu located at the bottom of the screen.

Cast IPTV on Chromecast 3

Click Playlist
Step 7: Tap the three-dot menu icon located at the top right corner of the screen.

Cast IPTV on Chromecast 5

Step 8: Select Add Stream URL.

Cast IPTV on Chromecast 6

Step 9: Enter the path URL(m3u link). After entering the URL, click OK.
Cast IPTV on Chromecast 7
Step 10: On the next screen, tap Install to download the additional support files. 
Click Install
Step 11: It will take some time to extract the media links.
Step 12: After extracting the media links, select the live TV channel that you want to play. The selected channel will be cast on the TV.

Cast IPTV on Chromecast 1


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